Gas Masks Made Out Of Popular Sneakers By Freehand Profit

Gas Masks Made Out Of Sneakers By The Highly Skilled Artist/Designer Gary Lockwood ( Freehand Profit )

ARTIST/DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: [Hip-Hop head / sneakerhead]


Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Profit came up in the DMV area as a lifelong artist with a passion for Hip-Hop, graffiti, sneakers and art. In 2005 he graduated from the Corcoran School of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.

In 2006 he made his move to LA to pursue his dreams of art, design & music. Some folks call it persistence, some call it stubbornness; whatever you call it Freehand Profit continued to push forward and in 2010 he began his daily creative project – MASK365. In the search for new materials he began creating gas masks from deconstructed sneakers.

Can find seven of Freehand Profits masks at The Adidas Originals Solo New York Store exhibit (115 Spring Street between Mercer and Greene Streets) is currently open to the public through March 21.

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