Hip Hop Icons By Nelson Dedos Garcia


During the early 90’s, Nelson “Dedos” Garcia was a core member of an infamous graffiti muralist crew: “AA CREW”; as well as a powerful Bboy crew: ” Contents Under Pressure” and a founding member of the hip hop group the ” RASCALZ ” that shook up Canadian music industry .

Dedos is not only recognized as one of the graffiti/b-boy pioneers in Canada but he is also a Juno Award winner for his album artwork for artist K-OS.  Early on Dedos came to the realization that his creative passion could not be contained to just one outlet or genre so in addition to showing in galleries he is a seasoned muralist, 2-animator, comic artist, illustrator, concept artist…… His clientele include K-OS, K-naan, Avril Lavigne, MTV, cartoon network, nintendo and so on….

More recently, he pushes the name of his own company “NOMADIC ALTERNATIVES productions” with his wife Xochitl, together they aspire to create an abundance of great things and travel the world with their’  3 children, dog and cat.




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