Limited Edition Run Prints By Artist Abcnt


Limited Print By Artist Abcnt

The Piece: Time Out- Blue/Red Variant


Abcnt is a sociopolitical activist/anarchist, the product of mid-nineties expressionism and new-millennium activism, who describes himself as “[a] real west coast hip-hop fanatic, with a kind of militant attitude towards consciousness.” And how does he execute his expression and voice? Through avenues in politically charged street art and music.

Abcnt started tagging in 1996. Back then he was strictly focused on style and imagery, until around 2004 with the development of his iconic business bandit logo. The logo depicts a bandana-masked businessman in dripping black-and-white stencil style, often up against a symbolic red background or above an anti-corporate play on words, like: “United Snakes of Amerika.” His harsh view of the corporate world and political agendas may strike concern in some, or touch home to others. It doesn’t seem like he cares much about the former, though; he’s got a message and he’s getting it out there. As for the name Abcnt? It’s an evolution of an alias dating back to his early days of spray paint and stencils, when he was known as simply absent—a tonic acronym with a tonic maxim embodying the artist: Always Be Successful Entertaining New Terrain.


“What’s unique maybe is someone asked me about the meaning of the image, which is cool because I’m known for not beating around the bush in terms of what I want to communicate. Feds pointing rifles at a potted marijuana plant, or a police officer committing seppuku, missing honey bee posters highlighting colony collapse disorder etc. So this is my version of jazz in a sense.” – ABCNT



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