Marry Me Legend Of Zelda Video Game Proposal

Marry Me

This was one of the most creative marriage purposals we’ve seen in a long time.

Mountain View, California-based software engineer James Dowdell recently reprogrammed the ending toThe Legend of Zelda video game for the classic NES console to propose to his girlfriend and wedding photographer Natalie Martin.

Marry Me2

Dowdell edited the in-game version of Princess Zelda to look like Natalie, turned the “Triforce tile to a ring tile”, added in the “Natalie, will you marry me?” text at the end, and much more. He also had a custom engagement ring made at Takayas Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles to match the geeky Legend of Zeldatheme. The best part of the story is that Natalie said “yes.” Her exact words were, “Of course, stupid.”

Marry Me3

photos via jadowdl and The Geek Wedding Photographer

via Zelda Informer, Geekologie