Model/Tattoo Artist Katie Hollow


Model/Tattoo Artist/Painter And Much More The Super Talented Katie Hollow Featured On Diabolical Rabbit®.


Katie Hollow has been tattooing since 2008 under the tutelage of Bob Paulin. Known for having a light hand and a versatile style, she is able to suit her clients needs. She loves drawing and creating, “whether they want delicate flowers or zombies consuming the world, traditional flash or a tribute to their families, I just want them to wake up every day and look at their tattoos and say ” Yeah, I rock!” says Katie, who really just wants to see people smile.

Katie is an excellent artist for those seeking their first big tattoo or those who need creative direction, she prefers a more involved piece, and loves taking on cover-up’s. “I’ve had people come to me in tears  because of their bad tattoos and I will always find a way to salvage their skin, because everyone deserves a great tattoo that they are proud of.  Katie has taken on many extreme cover-up’s in the past couple years.

Check her out on Slice Network’s new show “I hate my tattoo” , where she turns yesterdays bad decisions into today’s beautiful tattoos.

Come visit her at Studio 4 and ask to see some of her awesome flash and art and enter the world of infinite possibilities!


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Tattoos By Katie Hollow

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photo by Kevin Unger in the infamous graffiti alley

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