Mujer Pajaro V By Artist Miss Van

Miss Van - Mujer Pajaro V

“The original Mujer Pajaro V was the first piece sold at my Glamorous Darkness show this past May of 2014 at Stolen Space Gallery in London.

Miss Van - Mujer Pajaro V


“I am especially affectionate towards this piece because I totally improvised it directly onto the canvas with no idea of what it was going to turn into. Initially I was struggling, changing elements and colors a few times. I didn’t expect it to be a great piece as it wasn’t easily flowing…but in the end it’s one of my favorites from this series.

There are many unique things about this piece. The pink background. The pyramidal composition. The way the characters are floating. The drama and emotion in the empty eyes. The harmony and fusion between the mother and the baby bird. The dark feeling contrasting the bright background. The pyramidal composition makes it stable, relaxing and endless for the viewer to stare at. It’s also a bit dreamy with the blurry water bottom effect.” – Miss Van

Miss Van - Mujer Pajaro V


Miss Van began painting in the streets of her hometown, Toulouse, France, in the early 1990’s. Her sensual ‘poupee’ characters, painted with brush and acrylic paint as opposed to spraypaint, powerfully stood out from the rest of the male-dominated graffiti pieces seen throughout her city. Their sensuality, femininity, and unique style gained her work recognition and respect, both from females and males in the graffiti world and as well as the art world. Soon her work had a global following and her characters became icons in their own right. She has inspired many and her paintings have become highly sought after by collectors.

She has had solo shows in Paris, London, Barcelona, Mexico City,Shanghai, across the United States , Brasil and more. Currently she lives and works in Barcelona.

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