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Music Of The Day By Music Duo ” Oh Wonder “

Music Of The Day By Duo ” Oh Wonder “

Oh Wonder – Without You

Director: Daniel Uribe
Producer: Stefania Consarino , Ann Seymour
Director of Photography: Tate McCurdy
Steadicam Operator: Kyle Fasanella
Assistant Director: Spenser Granese
Hair and Make Up: Davisha Dadone
Editor: Jose Cota Jr. , Daniel Uribe
Colorist: Tate McCurdy
Production Assistant: Bartolomeo Sala, Tyson White
Special Thanks to:
Francesca Consarino and Jacob Mckee

Another Song By Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder – Ultralife (Official Video)

Written and produced by Oh Wonder

Apple Music:
Tour Dates:

Director: Daniel Uribe
Director of Photography: Tate McCurdy
Producer: Lauren Skillen
Producer/AD: Susan O’Brien
Steadicam Operator: Collin Scouten
1st AC: Terra Gutmann-Gonzalez
Gaffer: Alfredo Montenegro
Production Designer / Costume: Silken Weinberg
Editor: John Shafto
Colorist: Daniel Silverman
VFX Lead : John Shafto
Compositors : David Anger, Karen Weiss, Leslie Chung, Jeric Pimentel, Mazyar Sharifian, Ruairi Twohig, Alex Harding
Hair and Make Up: Tayler Berez
Location Manager: Paris Cronin
PA: Barrington Taylor
Executive Producer: Ryan Creighton
Post Producer: Adrienne McNeary
Casting Director: Richard Delancey
Storyboard Artist: Roger Hom
Cast: Greg Lucey, Skylar Dominique Hill, Ashlie Auguillard, Amanda Lehan and Joe Thomas
Extras: Chris Salvador, Ramsey Kyles, Javier Gonzalez, Isabela Humphrey, Silken Weinberg, Oliver España
Production Company: MPC

Written and produced by Oh Wonder

Directed by Josh Shinner