I-D Magazine Collab Candice Swanepoel X KAWS X Supreme Founder James Jebbia

i-D Magazine Collector's Issue

i-D Magazine Collector's Issue

i-D Magazine Collector's Issue

i-D Magazine Collector's Issue

KAWS (a.k.a. Brian Donnelly) and Supreme founder James Jebbia recently featured in the “Collector’s Issue” of i-D Magazine, giving accounts of their rise to prominence in both street art and fashion. With legions of loyal and even fanatical followers, the editorial feature explores their ability to consistently create pieces that are both iconic and instantly coveted by said followers. Marking the occasion on camera is none other than photographer Matt Jones and model/living canvas Candice Swanepoel.


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Currency Collages By Rodrigo Torres

Rodrigo Torres creates cool looking currency with highly detailed cuts and slices from international currencies and meshes them together to create multi cultural designs.


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Hand Collage Of Faces By Justin Roth

Hand collage of a subject’s face. Each hand is a unique photograph the project is done by Justin Roth.


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Realistic Paintings By Jorge Santos

Inner Circle

80 x 80 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2013

Maitre D’

66 x 80 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2012


Born in 1959, Jorge Santos is of Portuguese descent. His childhood was spent in Luanda, Angola before his family fled to Lisbon, Portugal in order to escape a violent political agenda. As Portugal sunk into its own revolution, Santos relocated to the United States in 1982. Through out these years, the artist consistently honed his draftsmanship as a form of escape from life’s unrest. Particularly struck by an Odd Nerdrum show at Forum Gallery, NY in the 90s, Santos began to experiment with and use paint thereafter.

Jorge Santos paintings are a profound display of picture making for the sheer purposes of formulating an all but transparent narrative via highly technical draftsmanship and paint handling. As a self-taught artist, the evolutionary process of his work is often subject to reconfiguration, repositioning, and refinement until the grand conclusion is met. Narrative is of such importance that even compositional concerns may be subordinate to the inclusion of a necessary motif in the storyline.

Night Fishing

67 x 106 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2012

Mail Order Bride

60 x 68 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2010

Dropping Notes

48 x 60 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2013


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Andrew Bell The Creatures In My Head

 photo abell_killkat-greentea1_zpsb534b7d7.jpg

About the Artist

Andrew Bell was born in England in 1978. His family moved several times until settling into the eastern US in the mid 1980′s. He has lived and worked in New York since 1996.


Andrew’s work spans a wide spectrum of mediums from illustrations and paintings to toys and sculptures. Much of his work is brought together by a sense of humor that often belies a more serious and sombre message.


His work has been featured in solo and group gallery shows from LA to Paris and has been covered by publications such as The New York Times and Wired.


 photo abell-killkat1A-800_zpsb1a0a20f.jpg


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Art From Ilthy Brand By Glen Infante

Giorno di paga by Glen Infante<br />

Fiducia Questioni by Glen Infante

Girotop by Glen Infante 

Works By Glen Infante who is the mind and creator behind the Ilthy clothing brand.

Frosted MGK 

Donut the Creator

Reasonable Donut

Notorious Donut

Say Hello to my Little Donut

Donut Kapowski




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Reynard Project By Dalius Samoylenko

Art by Ukraine based artist Dalius Samoylenko who’s works are inspired by the literary cycle of allegorical French, Dutch, English, and German fables largely concerned with Reynard, an anthropomorphic red fox and trickster figure.

 Colorization old engravings illustrations for the book Reynard

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Classic Characters Distroy series By PEZ Artwork

These works are part of a project called “Distroy” done by PEZ Artwork an artist & freelance graphic designer from Nantes (France)


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