Shirts We Like 7/12/16: Monopoly To Ghostbusters + More


“I WANT YOU” by Jennzilla

Play Monopoly
I want you to lose 5 hours of your life and all of your friends.
Rich Uncle Pennybags in the style of Uncle Sam

Shirts We Like At Diabolical Rabbit® 7/12/16: From Monopoly To The Ghostbusters To Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And More.


“Secret Brawl” by Ninjaink

Super Smash Heroes Secret Brawl
Samus Aran of Metroid and Super Smash Bros in the style of aSecret Wars comic cover


“Ninja Pizzas” by Tony Centeno

Teenage Mutant Ninja Pizzas


“Teenage Mutant Ninja Gamera” by Melee_Ninja

Teenage Mutant Ninja Gamera, Teenage Mutant Ninja Gamera, Teenage Mutant Ninja Gamera, Kaiju in a half shell Turtle power!!


“Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles” by SnafuComics

The Ninja Squirtles will protect us all!…After they get a slice of pizza.


“Queens” by BoggsNicolas


“Puft Buddies” by DoOomcat

Gozer and Friends
Inspired by Ghostbusters


“Survivor 1984” by rbucchioni

“I survived the coming of Gozer”
Inspired by Ghostbusters


“SUPER STORMTROOPER” by Fernando Sala Soler

Stormtrooper in the style of Super Mario Bros


“Smart Mouth Merc” by Nora Evergla

Deadpool in the style of the Nintendo classic video game cover from Super Mario Bros 3


“Notorious Monster” by Hillary White

I love it when you call me Big Mon-Sta Throw your hands in the air, if youse a Sesame Street player I love it when you call me Big Mon-Sta To the muppets gettin money playin’ jacks like dummies I love it when you call me Big Mon-Sta If you got a cookie in your waist please don’t let it go to waste Cause I see some muppets tonight who should be havin my cookie Cookie


“Nobody likes him!” by Raffiti

Nobody likes Milhouse on Instagram


“Grow up!” by Lazarino

Grow up with a Super Mushroom


“Daft Spider” by Soulkr

Venom and Spider-Man in the style of Daft Punk


“The Bebop & Rocksteady Show” by jrberger

Bebop and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the style of The Ren & Stimpy Show


“I (Turtle) NY” by AlbertoArni

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo love New York