The Illustrations Of U.K Based Artist Lola Beltran

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Illustrations From U.K Based Artist Lola Beltrán.

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” I’m Lola Beltran, an illustrator and designer born in Spain, long term resident in the UK and currently based in Bristol.

Since graduating from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2012, I have worked for a wide range of international clients and have been a full-time illustrator ever since.

My work references anything from the old style hollywood classic movies, pop icons, Americana and Country artists to comic book arts and vintage movie posters from the 50’s and 60’s. ” -Lola Beltran

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Celebrating the release of Crimson Peak, Little White Lies teamed up with 3rd Rail to re-imagine Guillermo del Toro’s cinematic oeuvre as a series of book covers.

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DULL BULL is a self publish comic edited and illustrated by me. The comic relates ordinary life around american dive bars, everydayness, folk, blood, sweat and tears. About the edition: Comic series DULL BULL. Self published. Fully illustrated 12 pages, black and white, full colour covers. First Edition of 50. Signed and numbered.

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