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Diabolical Rabbit® is a social network and a brand that was created by graphic designer/artist/musician Austin Lee to showcase and welcome all art in all mediums and meanings dealing with paintings, sculptures, hand drawings, graphic design, apparel, comic strips, artist interviews etc. Our mission and main purpose is to promote fellow artists in all walks of light and provide a place where artists can come and post and share artworks and stuff off the web that are creative and inspiring.

Even though we love tons of submissions of anything interesting we do have rules that our contributors should keep in mind we do not accept offensive or racist material. Our site is for all people no matter what skin color, religion or race. And offensive, racist or pornography is not allowed on the site we only accept tasteful nudes and creative art from all mediums such as photography, painting, sculpting, cool landscapes, graphic design/typography, animation, anime etc. even videos of cool things or art events/expos are accepted.

At Diabolical Rabbit® we are looking for contributors who love art, fashion, gadgets and anything that’s cool or odd. If you fit the description we’d love to have you aboard and share and post for the world to see and credit will be properly given to contributors who submit content to Diabolical Rabbit®. Just write contribute in the subject line when you contact us about contributions to the website. Just tell us what you’d like to contribute and a little about yourself and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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