Fashion From Tokyo Nov 5th 2013

Tiger Head Backpack in Harajuku

Shibuya Heart Sunglasses Girl

These are fashions and styles from Tokyo that we liked a lot or thought  they were very interesting.

Cute Twintails Hairstyle

Donald Duck Tote Bag Harajuku

Smiley Faces & Twintails in Harajuku

Candy Stripper Twintails Hairstyle

Decora Fashion in Harajuku

Cute Decora Style in Harajuku

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajama pants

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack

devil horns hoodie

Adidas x Jeremy Scott sneakers

Mario necklace

Yusuke 3cro Adventure

Mika 3cro Adventure

Pharaoh necklace

Korean shop rings

Ombre hair

Harajuku Girl in ADIOS Hoodie

Rodeo Crowns Tee & Jeremy Scott x Adidas Winged Sneakers

Harajuku girl with long magenta hair

Winged sneakers by Jeremy Scott x Adidas in Harajuku


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