Music Artist Of The Day: The Talented M.I.A

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M.I.A – Borders

Director: M.I.A
Creative: M.I.A and Tom Manaton

Music Artist Of The Day The Super Creative And Dope Music Artist Who Goes By The Name M.I.A.

M.I.A. “Go Off” available now
(Produced by Skrillex and Blaqstarr)

Director: M.I.A

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Once there was a girl named Mathangi, let’s call her Maya. Maya grew up on Temple Road in a tough town called Jaffna, where she learned to sing and dodge the bullets of soldiers who sometimes shot out the windows of her school. She knew her father was a freedom fighter for people who could not fight, she never saw him, she was raised by her mother and the way things go grew up to be a rapper who made her home in cities, in London, in Los Angeles, in New York City.

From the very beginning her music was always an explosion of color, light, heat; she named her first album Arular after her father the fighter’s wartime sobriquet. It was her father from whom she learned basic concepts and values and so Arular surprised and delighted as an exposition of apprenticeship in all the flows and feelings bubbling up from the streets at the time.

She named her second album after her mother Kala who taught her early lessons in creativity. She made Kala everywhere she could and as a delirious confection of worldly pop perfection Kala went everywhere it could, from endlessly bootlegged CDs to blockbuster soundtracks to improbable remixes with monsters of rap and suddenly there she was onstage at the Grammys a few days before giving birth, all of it made wild sense when previously it had been impossible to imagine.

Her third album was Maya. Maya was about truth and lies, freedom of speech and the struggle of media in a time when the CIA battles Hezbollah via Twitter. We all tweet incessantly the way parrots in the jungle do; we never consider how far the smallest idea can travel and how it can affect the people it reaches. You would consider Maya to be an eponymous release were it not for the fact this was never her actual factual name. Maya is the manifestation of the physical world, the illusion of this dusty net in which we live, the most negative aspect you must overcome to reach nirvana. Some loved Maya and some hated Maya and that is the duality of Maya. You either love the material world and believe in material girls or you break it all down, move past it altogether, it was never a real place, it’s not where you end up, once you pass it you arrive at Matangi.

M.I.A. “Bird Song (Blaqstarr)”

M.I.A – Bad Girls

M.I.A – Paper Planes


M.I.A – Bring The Noize

M.I.A – Warriors

M.I.A – Double Bubble Trouble

M.I.A – Jimmy

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